When an industry is evolving, a lot of roadblocks and hiccups pop up. The shipping container industry is no different. 尽管大多数人认为这是一个无缝衔接的行业,但仍然存在许多挑战. 以下是几家航运集装箱行业的领导者所面临的一些挑战.

Portable Shipping Container Raleigh NC: Industry Myths

Shipping Container Structures are Cheap

An unmodified shipping container is inexpensive. 然而,这一成本大约是改装集装箱总成本的10%. The balance includes electrical, carpentry, plumbing, site work, finishes, and other additions and changes. Therefore, the notion that container structures are cheap is false, 人们需要改变他们的观念,选择购买集装箱,因为它们提供解决方案, not because they are cheap.

The Industry is Young

The standardized metal shipping container industry began in the 1950s. Since then, 由于各种原因,该行业已经扩展到使用集装箱, from extra storage to homes. 定制越多,客户的成本就越高. 随着回收容器进入便携式商店的普及,该行业持续增长, eateries, and offices increases.

Modifications are Easy

Many people think 他们可以改变一个海运集装箱,仅仅因为他们有焊接或家庭装修的经验. 然而,伟德betvlctor国际一个集装箱并不像看起来那么容易. 错误的工作最终会损害结构的完整性,从而给行业带来坏名声. 大多数有声誉的公司都有结构工程师,他们有软件来分析每一个结构. 这种分析对于多容器设计尤其重要.

Standards in Safety and Quality

As of now, container structures 是由州和地方政府监管的,而这些监管有很大差异. Each entity has developed its own safety and quality standards. Unfortunately, there are no national organization standards. 因此,明智的做法是保持谨慎,并研究你聘请谁来进行伟德betvlctor国际. 当然,任何包括电气或管道的改变都必须符合安全标准.

Standard Building Codes

Existing building codes weren’t meant for modified container structures. 这种情况使得这些建筑规范难以遵守. 这些代码通常是不透明的,而且在不同地区甚至不同状态之间也不一致. 不清楚该遵循什么,不该遵循什么,甚至不清楚正在执行什么.

Carolina Containers

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