It’s hard to overstate the usefulness and durability of shipping containers. 对于一个巨大的钢盒子来说,它们已经被证明是万能的. 除了伟德betvlctor国际货物的明显用途外,它们还可以被伟德betvlctor国际以适应各种需要. 现代海运集装箱可以转化为长期储存, mobile homes, offices, classrooms, and even mobile clinics. Shipping container sales 保持高价是因为它们太便宜了,以至于公司只使用一次,然后就让它们闲置着. 这就是为什么如此多的产品可以以更低的价格获得,并根据不同的需求进行伟德betvlctor国际.

Shipping Container Sales: The Versatility of Shipping Containers

In the Beginning

Shipping containers weren’t always so versatile or ubiquitous. Until the twentieth century, products were transported in either wooden crates, barrels, or exposed to the elements. 由于这些不同的尺寸和形状,高效的伟德betvlctor国际是复杂的. Also, this method brought spoilage risks, and the container often weighed more than the goods themselves.

Modern Times

In 1956, 美国商人马尔科姆·麦克莱恩试图使航运业更加经济. 他致力于开发一种可以装很多货物的多功能大容器. His invention was, obviously, the metal shipping container. 集装箱尺寸的标准化和可堆叠性彻底改变了伟德betvlctor国际业.

The containers quickly became a commercial and international transport standard. More than 17 million are used, 随着世界贸易的增长,集装箱的销售也没有停止的迹象. However, for the first few decades of their use, shipping containers remained primarily relegated to transportation.

Beyond Shipping Goods

In the 1980s, 在建筑工地的人们开始寻找一个地方,以确保大, bulky stuff on-site to deter theft. As a giant steel box with doors, 几个锁和链条可以把任何维护得当的钢容器变成一个巨大的保险箱.

Their versatility only grew with demand. By the turn of the 21st century, 船舶集装箱被改造成建筑工人和需要长途伟德betvlctor国际来签订合同的类似劳工的临时住所. 从那里,将集装箱改造成办公室和教室被证明是非常容易的. As a result of recent health crises, 集装箱还被用作流动医疗诊所和检测场所.

Shipping containers may not have a long history, 但它们的存在已经彻底改变了交通和其他基础设施领域. 在日常生活中几乎不可能看不到集装箱,因为集装箱实在是太多了, and they’re so helpful and versatile. 由于一个人的伟德betvlctor国际远见,这种集装箱正在帮助全球各地的人们.

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