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卡罗莱纳的容器 shipping container卡罗莱纳的容器 are the premier container retailer in the Raleigh Triangle area 和 beyond. 不管你是在维克森林, 克莱顿, 达勒姆, Morrisville, 顶点, Fuquay-Varina, 或Knightdale, we’re the best shipping container retailer, 房东, 和定制为您. We have a comprehensive inventory available for both 租赁购买 depending on your short or long-term needs. 不管你想要什么, we can help you get the container you need in a timely 和 affordable manner.

A real shipping container is going to be made with 14 gauge steel, that means you can depend on your container to st和 strong through just about anything. Do remember what these containers are originally built to do! Now your shipping container is very versatile 和 can be stored just about anywhere, but don’t forget you need space to be able to open those big doors 和 get inside. The doors have industry-st和ard weather tight gaskets 和 are lockable, when you lock that door it is going to stay locked. 总而言之, our 存储容器 are the best option for temporary or long-term storage of any belongings, 齿轮, 材料, 不管你有什么! Better than both sheds or storage facilities, shipping containers reign supreme.

Shipping Container For Sale Morrisville

We have an expansive inventory of containers available for sale 和 rent! We have containers available in 10, 20, 和 40-foot length variations. 在你感到困惑之前, you may also hear them referred to as conex containers, 存储容器, 和货运集装箱, but they all mean about the same thing. A lot of shipping containers are used in construction of some sort, for storage or even as offices 和 more. You also may not know a lot of people use them personally too, whether it be for storage or as a mini-garage. They can even be used as homes, how cool is that? Now beyond just all of the different sizes of shipping containers we have available, we’ve also got just about all of the possible variations that exist. Some of those include side opening containers, high-cube containers that are taller than normal, or even top-opening containers for really unique uses! We should have just the container you need, 除此之外, we offer do just about any customization for your container that you may want.



Our combination of customer service 和 the highest quality 和 range of containers in the area is unmatched elsewhere. We treat all customers as if they’re our only customer, regardless of if you’re just shopping or you’ve been buying from us for years. Renting is always a fantastic option if your needs are more on the short-term side, 我们非常灵活! It’s a lot better for your wallet to rent for a few months instead of buying it 和 ending up not needing it. 我们一直都在租房子, sometimes you just need a lot of storage space for a short amount of time 和 this is a great option. Not sure which size is best for you? 没有问题! We’re the experts we’ll help you get what you need.

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存储容器交付 & 跳伞

卡罗来纳容器容器An extra plus about dealing with us is that we offer prompt delivery of your container! We’ll gladly come out to Morrisville to drop off your container for you, a lot of companies can’t say that! Moving one of these heavy units is no small task. 需要不止一个人搬家? 让我们知道. We have one of the largest inventories of steel 存储容器 in North Carolina 和 to us offering delivery even all the way out in Morrisville was the next logical step in making our customers lives that much easier.

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You may think that shipping containers can’t be customized all that much, but they’re really just a shell that you customize as much as you want to. 卡罗莱纳的容器 & 伟德betvlctor国际 specializes in the modification 和 customization of new 和 used shipping containers alike. If you have a vision for your container, we can help you make it become a reality. Over the last 10 years, we have 伟德betvlctor国际后的集装箱 into homes 和 mobile offices, 车库, 工作室, 的摊位上, 温室, 训练设施, 和更多的. Working closely with our individual customers to meet their needs on both small 和 large scale projects is one thing we do best. Our customization team can outfit any st和ard or customer-fabricated shipping containers with roll-up doors, 窗户, 油漆, 电气工程, 暖通空调, 绝缘, 和更多的. We oversee our projects from start to finish 和 we can meet all of your needs in house, 没有额外的成本和时间

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Shipping Container Ground-Level Mobile Offices

When you need on-site instant access to a ground-level office or indoor workspace, our portable offices are the best option for you. Our office containers are made with durable high-quality metal 和 材料 that meet national 和 state building, electrical 和 mechanical codes so you can use them without a worry! To best meet the needs of all, we offer our containers for sale 和 for short-term 租赁. Whether you need a semi-permanent office solution or truly just need a workspace in a certain location for a week or two, we can help you get the job done. These offices can even be equipped with A/C 和/or heating units to keep you comfortable year-round on the jobsite. Shipping container offices have a number of advantages over your run of the mill wooden trailer, a container is far stronger 和 safer in a construction environment plus it’s the peak of portability, you can truly move or use it just about anywhere.

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