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carolina containers sales rental raleighIf you live anywhere around the Raleigh-Triangle area, you need to come to us for all of your shipping container needs. Whether you’re in Wake Forest, Clayton, Durham, Morrisville, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, or Knightdale, we’re the best container renter, retailer, and customizer you’re going to be able to find. We have a ton of supplies available for both rent and purchase, our ultimate goal is to help you best meet your storage needs, not over-sell you or leave you to make these big decisions on your own.

The containers we sell are not just made of any old metal, 它们必须达到一定的强度要求才能被认为是可用的. They should be made of 14 gauge steel, 一种足够坚固的金属,可以伟德betvlctor国际任何东西,并保护它不受任何外部元素的影响. For you, that means once you’ve put something in, you can expect it to be in the exact same condition next time you look at it, 别忘了这些集装箱一年到头都在国际间伟德betvlctor国际. 使用其他在家存放物品的方法,你确实需要担心小偷或暴风雨会损坏你的物品, but not with a conex container. 所有的海运集装箱门都有复杂和重型的门锁系统,并且完全密封,以保持部件在它们应该在的地方. Our containers are fantastic for a number of uses, for storage and so much more. From materials to tools, vehicles, personal belongings, literally whatever you may need, a shipping container is a great place to store it! 一个棚子或存储单元只是不能与所有的航运集装箱可以提供给你, it’s so worth

Shipping Container Sales Garner

If you need a shipping container, you need to come talk to us. We have containers available in 10, 20, and 40-foot length variations, so we can meet your needs regardless of how big or small they are. To avoid confusion, you may also hear them referred to as conex containers, storage containers, and freight containers but they’re all the same. Our containers are generally used in one of two ways, either in construction related-jobs or for at-home personal use. In terms of construction, they’re the ultimate tool. Not only are they the perfect thing to store all of your materials and tools in, but they can also be customized and made into fantastic mobile offices. 你可以很容易地把它们从一个地点移到另一个地点,而不用担心会造成过度的压力. For personal use, a container in the backyard is your ultimate storage solution, you can even use it as a garage or tool-shed if you need to, that’s the joy of the customizability. Besides having all of the different length variations, we also have a number of unique container variations. Some of those include side opening containers, high-cube containers that are taller than normal, or even top-opening containers for really unique uses! Take the side-opening container for example. It may sound strange in theory, 但这是一个很好的方法,方便和直接访问所有的东西,而不是必须开辟一条道路或挣扎出来你需要的东西.

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Rent Shipping Containers

我们为自己在客户伟德betvlctor国际和船运集装箱质量方面是该地区最好的而感到自豪, quality is the most important thing to us. 所有的客户对我们来说都是重要的,我们希望每个人都有最好的体验与我们. A lot of our customers are not buyers, but renters. Renting just works out better and cheaper the majority of people, 你可能不确定你的长期情况,你不想被一个你不需要的容器困住. Paying monthly until you’re all done with it is the way to go, 你只需要在你需要的时候使用它,然后我们会马上为你收集装运集装箱! We rent out our containers year-round. A lot of people come to us not even knowing what they need storage-wise, 但我们非常乐意与你合作,并找出最适合你的方法.

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Storage Container Dropoff

20 foot storage container office with door对我们来说,把你的集装箱交给你只是把它卖给你或租给你的过程的一部分. We’ll gladly come out to Garner to drop off your new container to you, some container companies may not do the same! Moving one of these heavy units is no small task, it takes the knowledge and the right tools, of which we have. Need more than one shipping container moved? We can handle that too. 我们在北卡罗来纳州拥有最大的钢铁储存集装箱库存之一,对我们来说,提供伟德betvlctor国际是有意义的. The average person has literally no way to move something this large, it may seem insignificant but it’s quite the undertaking. An empty container is going to weight at least 5,000 pounds and fully loaded, it could be up near 50,000 pounds or more, not something that’s moved easily.

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Garner Custom Shipping Containers

船运集装箱领域的新手可能会认为,它们必须在到达时使用, but they’re actually prime real-estate for customizing exactly how you want. Carolina Containers & Transport 专门从事新集装箱和旧集装箱的伟德betvlctor国际和定制, we can make it into something completely unique and amazing. If you have a particular vision for your container, we can help you make that a reality down to the smallest details. Over the last 10 years, we have modified shipping containers into homes and mobile offices, garages, studio spaces, concession stands, greenhouses, training facilities, and much more. 我们的定制团队可以为任何标准或定制的伟德betvlctor国际集装箱配备卷帘门, windows, paint, electrical work, HVAC, insulation, and much more. We do all of our projects in-house to keep quality high and costs lower. We are your one-stop container shop.

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Shipping Container Ground-Level Mobile Offices

当您需要现场即时访问地面办公室或室内工作区时, our mobile offices are the perfect solution. 我们的办公容器由耐用的高质量材料制成,符合国家和国家的建设, electrical and mechanical codes so you can use them without a worry! 为了更好地满足每个人的需求,我们提供出租和购买的办公集装箱. 所以,无论你是需要一个长期的解决方案,还是只是需要一个紧急办公室一周, we have what you need. 这些办公室甚至可以配备空调和/或供暖设备,让你在工作现场全年舒适. 海运集装箱办公室有许多优势,超过你运行的工厂木制拖车, 在建筑环境中,容器更加坚固和安全,而且它的便携性达到了顶峰, you can truly move or use it just about anywhere.

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